SmugMug Interface, Account and Upload Settings


Some of the videos show settings that do not apply to the integration with UltraCamp. If this applies, it will be noted under the title.


Account Settings for Camps

*Some settings, such as billing, do not apply to UltraCamp Clients.


Password Protect Folders

*When folders are created in UltraCamp, viewing access is automatically limited to the linked sessions. Folders without linked sessions can be viewed by everyone.


Assistant Password


Global Navigation Menu


Folders, Galleries and Pages


Gallery Presets


Bulk Gallery Changes




Allowing Guests to Upload


Visitor View

To view the gallery from the UltraCamp Public Interface:

  1. Make sure to log out of SmugMug.
  2. Select an account registered for a session that is linked to a folder.
  3. Click on the Public View icon.
  4. Go to the menu and click on Photo Gallery.
  5. Click on Gallery to view.



This Link Has Expired

  • As a security precaution, the gallery viewing links are designed for one-time use and will expire after approximately 20 minutes. Each time you visit the gallery, a new URL will be generated.
  • Simply refresh the Photo Gallery page on your UltraCamp account page to access it again. 

expired link.png


Customize the Photo Site

SmugMug advises users to first concentrate on establishing a solid organizational foundation for their accounts. This involves creating the necessary folders and galleries, as well as uploading crucial content, including logos, watermark files, and slideshow images. It's suggested that these steps be completed before proceeding to explore the extensive customization options available. This approach ensures that all essential components are in place, allowing for a smoother and more effective customization process.


SmugMug Help Center

For additional help, please visit the SmugMug Help Center. Note that the setup and folder management for UltraCamp clients differ, and you can find these details in UltraCamp's help documents.

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