UltraCamp and SmugMug Team Up for Better Photo Sharing!

UltraCamp has partnered with SmugMug, the leading photo-sharing service, to bring you a fantastic new photo gallery integration. This new feature will make managing and sharing camp photos easier and more secure than ever.

Ready to improve your camp's photo-sharing experience? The UltraCamp and SmugMug integration is live now! Whether you already use UltraCamp or are looking for a new way to manage your camp's photos, this feature is here to help.

Don't miss out on making camp memories even better for your campers and their families!

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Why SmugMug?

Millions of people worldwide trust SmugMug to host their photos and videos. Their platform is known for being reliable, easy to use, and perfect for high-quality photo management. By partnering with SmugMug, UltraCamp is bringing you the best in photo-sharing tech.

Easy Photo Management

Say goodbye to juggling different platforms for your camp photos. With this new integration, you can easily upload, organize, secure, and sell your photos—all in one place. It's a huge time-saver and makes managing camp memories a breeze.

Safe and Simple Sharing

Keeping photos secure and easy to access is super important. Now, you can create folders and galleries linked to specific sessions. This means only registered campers and their families can see the photos through their accounts——no shared links, no passwords, just memories.

Turn Photos into Fundraising Opportunities

This feature isn't just about making things easier—it also helps with fundraising. You can sell photos directly to families, turning special moments into support for your camp. With SmugMug's trusted platform, your photos will look great and stay safe.



SmugMug's Professional Plan is available for $240 per year and offers comprehensive photo management and organization, robust sharing options, and efficient sales and order processing.  

UltraCamp's old gallery system will be phased out by the end of this year (2024) in favor of the new and improved SmugMug integration. Transitioning to SmugMug is optional but highly recommended for enhanced photo management and sharing capabilities.

Already a SmugMug Customer?

Existing users can switch to the discounted rate, with credit for the remainder of their subscription.


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