Make a Reservation

Creating a New Reservation as an Administrator

Making a reservation on the administrative side has several benefits and features that are not available to the public. 

  • Pages in the Registration process can be skipped.
  • Hidden discounts and options can be added.
  • Registration requirements can be overridden and payment can even be bypassed. 

Since every registration process is different, this help page will focus on the main highlights of the process as well as the special options available to administrators.

Making a Reservation

There are several ways to make a reservation once you open the desired account.

  • From the Account Detail or Person Detail, click on the Make a Reservation button under Common Tasks. 
  • Alternatively, you can click the Make a Reservation icon whenever it is displayed to start the registration process an individual on the designated account.


Select Session

UltraCamp will automatically list all eligible sessions for the designated individual. You can select a session from this list and Register for it.

If you don't see the session for which you wish to register this individual:

    1. Click on the Filter These Sessions link at the top to expand an advanced search menu. 
      • This will change which sessions are displayed based on the filters you select.
      • Each filter is optional.
    2. Uncheck the box to display Eligible Sessions Only to override eligibility parameters and allow the selection of sessions that this person could not otherwise register for. 
    3. When your filters are complete, click the Search button to update the list of sessions.
    4. Alternatively, you can uncheck the Display Eligible Sessions Only checkbox on the right to view current ineligible sessions.
    5. If you have selected an ineligible session, UltraCamp will display a warning and you will need to click the button to Proceed Anyway with the registration in order to bypass the restrictions.


Registration Process

In the registration process, you'll follow the Registration Page Order as set on the template or session. This process closely follows the public registration process with a few exceptions.

  • You will not be prompted to electronically sign forms on the administrative side, and you can skip custom Online Forms instead of marking them complete or incomplete. This will avoid invalidating an electronic signature from the client.
  • You are not limited by Option Category restrictions such as minimum and maximum number or required selections. 
  • You are not limited by option availability, although publicly unavailable options will be highlighted. 
  • You may also adjust the price using the text field to the right of each option.
  • You can select and approve hidden Simple Discounts by checking the appropriate box on the Discounts page if it is in the registration process. 
  • You may also edit the discount amount for this reservation only using the text field to the right of the selected discount.



When you have completed the registration process, you can choose to Add a reservation or Review items in my cart and checkout

  • along with the ability to add store money or shop additional areas if your settings include these options. 
  • To check out, select the middle option to proceed to the cart.



On the Cart page, you can review the selected sessions as well as any additional fees.

  • Click the + sign next to any item to view further details. 
  • Use the Remove button to get rid of unwanted sessions. 
  • You may also use the link to Add a gift certificate or promotional code to the reservations listed.


Administrative-only features

Email confirmations

  • In the upper right is a checkbox that by default is set to Send email confirmations of this order to the primary contact on this account.
  • Uncheck this box if you do not wish a confirmation email to be sent for this registration. 
  • If your sessions are set up to send email confirmations, clients will always receive an email after completing their process.

Save without payment

  • You may also click the Save without payment button to bypass the payment aspect of checkout and save the reservation. 
  • This option is not available to clients.



When you proceed to payment, your organization's payment options will appear. 

  • Select a payment option and then the payment method. 
  • Depending on the payment method, you may have additional administrative-only options.
  • Proceed through the payment process and submit the payment to complete the registration. 
  • This will return you to the Account Detail page.
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