Managing Completed Forms

The Forms menu lists forms and uploaded documents assigned to this individual. It also permits management of these forms and documents.  

To view forms and documents for an individual:

    1. Open the desired account
    2. Click on the individual's name under Account Members 
    3. Expand the Forms menu on the Person Detail page to manage and review their information


Adding Forms and Documents

New information can be added by adding a new form or uploading a document or file.


Add New Forms

To additional forms to a person:

    1. Click on Start a new form.
    2. Select the form from the list.
    3. You will then be able to edit the form data and save it.


Add Documents or Files

Only files in pdf format can be uploaded to an individual.

To upload a file:

    1. Click on Upload File 
    2. Use the Choose File button to browse your computer and select the file. 
    3. Once you've selected and opened the file using the popup window, you may upload the file.
      • Attempt to autoprocess: Before you upload, you may choose to Attempt to autoprocess the file if it has a barcode and your documents are set to use the e-fax feature. This will then complete connected tasks and enable consistent reporting.
      • Display to public: By default, uploaded files are not visible on the public side. By checking the appropriate box, however, you can Display upload to the public.
    4. Once the Upload button has been clicked, you will be given a page-by-page overview of the document you have selected. 
      • You can indicate which pages should be uploaded using the Include this page checkbox. 
      • Additionally, you can indicate who this document is for, and select a name for the upload from pre-existing information or as a Custom Upload. 
      • Apply these settings to all pages by clicking the link.
    5. Use the Save button to complete the file upload.


Managing Forms and Documents

Current Forms and Documents are listed in the Forms menu. Each has a slightly different display.


Form Management

The Form will display with its Status, the day it was last updated, and who last updated it. 


  • To the right of this information, you can click the the link to Open the form to view or update its information. 
  • You may also delete a form using the Delete button at the bottom. 
  • Clicking the link to Print will generate a pdf of the form in a new window or tab. You can save or print from your browser there.
  • It is possible to Print Multiple Forms by checking the box to the right of the forms you wish to print, then clicking the link at the bottom of the Forms menu.


Document Management

To differentiate from an online form, Uploaded Document will display under Status. The day this document was last updated or uploaded and who updated / uploaded it will display to the right.


  • To the right of this information, you can click the the link to Edit the document. This will allow you to upload a new file and change the document settings, who it is attached to, expiration, visibility, etc. 
  • Clicking the link to Open the document will initiate the download of a pdf version of the document.
  • You can delete a document from the database using the Delete Form button.
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