Adding Comments

Comments are added and edited using the menu on the Account Detail page. Existing comments are viewable here until they expire.

To view, edit or add comments:

    1. From the Person Detail Page, expand the Additional Information Section.
    2. To edit a comment, click on the edit icon.
    3. To add a new comment, click on the Add a Comment link.


Adding Comments

    1. Clicking the Add Comment link will bring up the Create a new Comment page. 
    2. You will be prompted to select who or what This comment is for using the dropdown menu. 
      • Depending on your selection, you may be asked to indicate a specific individual or reservation.
    3. In the Comment field, enter the appropriate text. 
      • By default, comment text is not Visible by the Public as indicated by the checkbox. 
      • If you check this box, however, clients will be able to view the comment when they access their account.
      • A comment remains recorded in the system unless manually deleted. However, a comment can be hidden after a set Expiration Date. 


Expiration Date setting options:

  • A comment with No Expiration remains visible on the account indefinitely.
  • A comment set to expire at the End of the current season will no longer display after the date indicated as the Season End Date.
  • A comment can also be set to no longer display after a Custom Date as set with the text field and/or the calendar picker.


Editing Comments

  • Once a comment has been created, you can edit it using the link in the Comment menu. 
  • When editing, you may change the comment text, public visibility, and its expiration date. However, the Creation Date, who it was Created By, and how the comment is attached may not be adjusted.
  • A comment can be deleted using the button at the bottom of the page.


Comments, both active and expired, can be reported on using the Comments report.

Reporting differs slightly based on how you attach a comment. Attaching session-related comments to Sessions will make reporting on that type of comment easier.

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