How to Cancel a Reservation

There may be times when you need to cancel a reservation for a person. This can be done through the Reservation Detail page.

To find the Reservation Detail, you can take the following steps:

    1. Open the desired account.
    2. Under the Reservation section, find the reservation you wish to cancel.
    3. Click on the View icon to the right of the reservation you wish to cancel.

You can also navigate to the Reservation Detail through other pages or even links in our standard reports.


Cancel This Reservation

On the Reservation Detail page take the following steps to cancel the reservation:

    1. Click the Cancel this Reservation button (under Common Tasks).
    2. Select a Reason for cancellation from the dropdown menu.
    3. [Optional] Enter Comments about the reservation or cancellation--these will be visible to the account holder and in reporting.
    4. Use the Refund Action setting to choose whether or not to apply the Non-refundable Fee.
    5. Click the Cancel Reservation button.
    6. Click Okay in the popup to confirm the cancellation.

The reservation has now been cancelled and the account balance adjusted.

No money is refunded automatically. If you wish to process a refund, this is a separate action. You can learn more about processing refunds here.




If you make a mistake in the Refund Action--either keeping a fee you would rather not or removing a fee you'd like to keep--you can correct this on the Finance Detail  page.

To add a Non-refundable Fee after the fact, use the "Add Fees" button under Common Tasks on the Finance Detail page.

To remove a non-refundable Fee after the fact, click the delete icon to the right of the fee on the Finance Detail page. You may need to expand the "Canceled" line entry in order to see the delete icon.


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