How to Cancel a Reservation

There may be times when you need to cancel a reservation for a person. This can be done through their account page.

    1. Go to the account
    2. Under Account Details, expand the Reservation menu
    3. Click on the reservation you wish to delete
    4. On the Reservation Detail page, click on Cancel this Reservation (under Common Tasks)
    5. Select Reason for cancellation from the dropdown menu
    6. Enter comments - the account holder will be able to view these 
    7. Select the Refund Action setting
    8. Reallocate Funds, check this to automatically apply payments made in the current reservation to other items in the account
    9. Click on Cancel Reservation
      • You will see a pop-up notification asking if you are sure you want to cancel the reservation.
    10. Click OK

The reservation has now been cancelled and all charges have been cancelled. Repeat for any other reservations you want to cancel.


If you first learning how to use UltraCamp and are using the Test Account, you can enter "test" in the comments section and for Refund Action select Refund all non-refundable fees.


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