Account Detail Page

The account detail pages gives an overall view of a person, family or organization account, along with the ability to view, edit, report on various components within the account.

To view an account: 

    1. Click in the search
    2. Enter the name or account number
    3. Click on the magnifying glass or press enter/return




Primary Contact / Organization Information

When communicating with the Primary Contact for an account, all contact information, login information, and organization information is viewable in one place. This information can be used to quickly generate emails and envelopes.    

To view or edit primary contact and organization information as well as Log In information:

    1. Navigate to the Account Detail page.
    2. Locate the Primary Contact/ Organization Information  on the right. 
    3. Click the + sign or the bar to expand the menu.

This menu displays the Primary Contact Information and allows you to do the following:

  • Edit the primary contact's biographical information.
  • View the primary address on google maps.
  • Address an envelope to the primary address.
  • Email the primary contact by clicking the email address itself.
  • The Organization Information is also displayed if applicable and can be edited here using the Edit icon.
  • This section also displays the Account Type.


Log In Information

  • In the Log In Information section, the Username is visible to administrators. 
  • The Password is encrypted and not visible to anyone once created. 
  • Both the username and password can be edited using the Edit icon in this section.
  • Additionally, you may send a password reset email using the Email Password Reset link. This email contains a link and instructions for resetting the password and is viable for 12 hours after the message is generated. 
  • Clients can also trigger the Password Reset email from the login page on the public side.


Password Reset Email

  • The Password Reset Email is personalized for your organization as well as the client. 
  • Below your logo and contact information, the Password reset message displays.


View Password Reset Email



Account Members  

When an individual is created and added to an account, they appear in the Account Members list.    

To view the Account Members:

    1. Open an account.
    2. Access the Account Detail page. You can also view account members through the peak function on most reports.
    3. The Account Members menu lists all active individuals on an account. 
  • Clicking the name of the account member will take you to their Person Detail page.
  • To the right of the Account Member's name will be listed any selected Roles, the individual's gender, and age if specified.


Shortcut icons are listed to the right of each name:

  • The Edit icon is a shortcut to editing this individual's biographical information.
  • The Print Summary icon will bring up the pdf of the Individual Summary page for saving or printing.
  • The Make a Reservation icon will allow you to select a session and initiate the registration process on the admin side.

New Account Members can be added using the Add a person to this account link or by clicking the button under Common Tasks.


Current Reservations

The Current Reservations menu displays a list of any reservations for sessions whose End Date has not passed and offers admin access to current reservations.   

  • You can register an account member for a session using the Make a New Reservation.
  • In the listed reservation(s), clicking the Binoculars or The View Icon will redirect you to the Reservation Detail page.
  • Clicking the Print icon will bring up the PDF Confirmation for that reservation.


Previous Reservations

 This menu displays a reservation history for this account.

  • Click the This season link to view reservations for the current season but whose End Date has passed.
  • Click the Last Season link to view reservations for the previous season and the All link to view all previous reservation for this account.
  • When displaying previous reservations, you can View the Reservation Detail page or Print the Confirmation PDF using the links provided.


Session / Activity Waiting List

If anyone on this account is registered on the wait list for either Sessions or Activities, their waiting list details will display here. 

  • A Remove link allows you to manually remove the individual from the Waiting List.
  • You can use the waiting list reports in the Reports menu to adjust an individual's place on the wait list or even remove them entirely.


Incomplete Tasks

  • The Incomplete Tasks menu allows you to Create a New Task or Add a Process to the active account using the provided links. You can also view Incomplete Tasks in this menu.
  • Incomplete Tasks will be displayed along with the name of the individual or account to which the Task is attached, the assigned staff user (if applicable), and the Task due date. 
  • You can also View the specifics of a particular Task by clicking the link to the right. This permits the editing and adjustment of this particular task.
  • A checkbox to the left of the Task can be checked. When this is done, click the Complete Selected Tasks link to mark this Task as Complete. 
  • Completed tasks disappear from this menu.



Comments are added and edited using the menu on the Account Detail page. Existing comments are viewable here until they expire.

Adding Comments

    1. Clicking the Add Comment link will bring up the Create a new Comment.
      • You will be prompted to select who or what This comment is for using the dropdown menu. Depending on your selection, you may be asked to indicate a specific individual or reservation.
    2. In the Comment field, enter the appropriate text. 
      • By default, comment text is not Visible by the Public as indicated by the checkbox. If you check this box, however, clients will be able to view the comment when they access their account.
    3. A comment remains recorded in the system unless manually deleted. However, a comment can be hidden after a set Expiration Date. There are three Expiration Date setting options:
      • A comment with No Expiration remains visible on the account indefinitely.
      • A comment set to expire at the End of the current season will no longer display after the date indicated as the Season End Date.
      • A comment can also be set to no longer display after a Custom Date as set with the text field and/or the calendar picker.


Editing Comments

  • Once a comment has been created, you can edit it using the link in the Comment menu. When editing, you may change the comment text, public visibility, and its expiration date. However, the Creation Date, who it was Created By, and how the comment is attached may not be adjusted.
  • A comment can be deleted using the button at the bottom of the page.
  • Comments, both active and expired, can be reported on using the Comments report. 

  • Reporting differs slightly based on how you attach a comment. Attaching session-related comments to Sessions will make reporting on that type of comment easier.


Alternate Contacts

  • Alternate Contacts can be added or edited using the link in the Alternate Contacts menu. 
  • Alternate Contacts who have been added will be displayed here along with their contact information.
  • You can turn on and off the collection of Alternate Contact Information as well as determine what information is required in the My Settings Wizard.


Authorized Pickups   

  • Authorized Pickups will be listed in this menu on the Account Detail page. By clicking the Edit link, you can add or remove Authorized Pickups. 
  • Authorized Pickups can be either Account Members or Non-account Members.


Friend Accounts

  • Friend Accounts can allow other database accounts to send One-Way emails to campers registered for this account and/or view photos from this account's session.
  • Using the Edit link in the Friend Accounts menu, you can modify existing friend accounts. The connecting passphrase and permissions can be changed, and the connection can be removed as well.
  • Friend Accounts are initiated on the public side by the Primary Contact. The Primary Contact creates a code, determines permissions level, and sends an invitation to create a Friend Account.
  • When the recipient of the invitation opens the email, they are prompted to log in or create an account. At this point, they can click the link in the email to connect the two accounts as friend accounts.


Custom Account Questions

  • Custom Account Questions are asked when an account is created and are connected on an Account level. The client is not prompted to update or answer the questions after this.    
  • Account Custom questions along with their answers can be viewed and modified using the Edit link.


Form Excerpts

  • Form Excerpts can display the form name, question, and answer on the Account Detail as well other pages on the account.
  • Click the View link to access the Online Form itself. Answers can be modified or updated here.
  • Form Excerpts are created in the Settings menu.
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