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Make Account Inactive    

  • An inactive account is no longer accessible to the client and does not display in standard reporting.    
  • You can make an account inactive using the appropriate Account Tools. 
  • Once an account is inactive, the Primary Contact may no longer log into the account, and standard reports will not display the account unless specifically told to display inactive accounts. Administrators can still access the account, although the Open Account function will not return any inactive accounts.
  • An inactive account can be reactivated using the link in the alert at the top of the Account Detail page for the inactive account.


Making an account inactive is usually preferable to deleting the account. An inactive account retains all important historical and financial data, keeping your records clean and intact.


Delete Account    

  • When an account is deleted from the database, all record of any activity within that account is permanently removed. 
  • Safety features in UltraCamp prevent administrators from deleting an account if there are any financial records or a reservation history.    
  • A Delete Account link may appear if there is no reservation or financial history on an account. Selecting this link will trigger a warning prompt since the deletion of this account is permanent and all correspondence and biographical information will be wiped completely from the database. Proceed through the prompt to delete the account.


Often it is better to make an account Inactive, rather than delete it. An inactive account is still stored in the database but is inaccessible to the client while preventing the client from using the same email address to create a new account. Additionally, it is not displayed in most reports.


Merge another account with this account 

Two or more accounts can be merged into a single account, preserving historical, reservation, and financial information. No data is deleted when two accounts are merged (except the login information on the account that is not kept). An account merge cannot be undone.    

Open the account you wish to keep:

    1. On the Account Detail page
    2. Expand the Account Tools menu on the right
    3. Click on Merge another account with this account


  • Within the Merge Accounts tool, you can elect to have UltraCamp automatically search for accounts that appear similar to this account or set up your own search using an Account Number, Last Name, and/or First Name. Click the Search button to initiate the search.
  • Any accounts that match your search criteria will display in a list, along with the Account Members, contact information, and Account Creation Date. Select the account you would like to merge into the current account using the radio button on the left, and click the Next button.
  • UltraCamp will provide an overview of the two merged accounts. The Account to Keep is the current account and will retain its login information. The Account to Delete will have all its historical data merged into the current account. Its login information will be removed along with the old Account Number.
  • UltraCamp can attempt to merge individuals in these two accounts who have the same first and last name. This prevents duplicates of individuals from being created on the same account. However, if a parent and child share the same name, this action can have the added consequence of merging the parent and the child as well so this feature should be used with caution. Unchecking this box will prevent UltraCamp from running this process during the merge and preserve every account member from each account.
    1. Use the Merge Accounts button to initiate the merge. A warning will pop up. Proceed through this warning to complete the merge.


An Account Merge cannot be undone. It's good to double check your information before merging two or more accounts.


Merge two individuals within this account  

One or more individual account members can be merged into a single account member. This is useful when duplicates are created either by the client or when merging multiple accounts. 


Merging two individuals cannot be undone. It's good to double check the person ID to make sure you are keeping the right person. The person ID is displayed on the Person Detail page in the Bio / Contact information menu.


To merge individuals within the account: 

    1. Go to the Account Detail page of the account with duplicate individuals. 
    2. Find the Account Tools menu on the right and expand it. 
    3. Click the link to Merge two individuals within this account
    • UltraCamp will prompt you to select an Account Member to merge. This individual will have their biographical data, including person custom question data, deleted and replaced by the individual you select as the person to be kept.
    • All reservation and custom online form data from both individuals will be kept.
    1. Click the Merge People button and proceed through the warning to complete the merge.

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  • User accounts are being automatically marked inactive. The users are trying to register and on the payment screen they get locked out with this message: "This account has been flagged for suspicious activity and disabled." How can we stop this from happening?


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