Add Person to Account

New account members can be added at any time. Once an account member is added, the new individual can be cc'd on emails, registered for programs, etc.    

A new account member can be added in several ways. 

  • On the Account Detail page, you may use the button under Common Tasks 
  • Click the link in the Account Members menu to add a person to this account. 



Adding an Individual

Once you click on Add a Person to this account button, you will be taken to the Add a Person Page. 

  • Individual Type: Use the Individual Type dropdown menu to identify the new account member as a child or an adult.
  • Biographic Information: In this section, enter the new account member's name and any appropriate biographical information. At minimum, you must enter the First Name, Last Name, and Gender of the individual.
  • Contact Information: By default, the Contact Information will be the same as the Primary Contact. If you wish to change the contact information, uncheck the box that indicates Contact information for this person is the same as the primary contact's. You may then adjust the contact information as desired.
  • If you are collecting further details through Person Custom Questions, you can enter that information in the Additional Information 
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