Medication Roster Report

Reporting on medications entered in the database allows you review, manage, export, and print that data. This is useful for medication administration management as well as record keeping.    

    1. Go to the Health menu.
    2. Expand Reports.
    3. Click Medications Roster.


Report Parameters

You can filter the report in several ways to look for specific data. Filters can be used individually or in conjunction with others.

  • Medication Name: Use the Medication Name field to look for individuals with a specific medication. The Dosage and Route fields can be used in the same way.
  • Schedule: The Schedule filter is used by checking off the day (or days) and time(s) to which you wish to restrict the report. Leaving these boxes unchecked will cause the report to return all medications fitting any other filters.
  • Who Is Also In: Another way to filter the Medications report is to look for any individual who Is also In a specific stored group. The dropdown menu will display any stored group that has idPerson in it. Select the desired stored group to limit the report to only individuals within that group.
  • Sessions: The most common way to filter the Medications Roster is to simply check the box for one or more of the current year's Sessions. This will return individuals who are registered for that designated session and who have medication(s).
  • Output: UltraCamp can return found medications to screen or it can print Medication Summaries to PDF.


Found medications to screen - Standard Report

Selecting Found medications to screen will display all the results in a standard report. 

  • The idAccount, individual name, medication name, dosage, and comments will all display with a row per medication. 
  • Clicking the link for idAccount will redirect you to the Account Detail, while the links to the person will redirect you to the Person Detail. 
  • The View link will take you to the Medications page. The displayed information can be stored, exported and printed as with other standard reports.


Medication Summaries to PDF - Medication Administration Summary (MAR) / Kardex

Selecting Medication Summaries to PDF will generate a MAR / kardex sheet for each individual in pdf format. You can save or print the pdf as desired.

  • The MAR / kardex pdf output includes the name of the individual along with their medications.
  • Each regularly administered medication has its own schedule with a row for each administration time and a column for each day of the week. Each white/empty cell represents a scheduled delivery time. Dosage and route information is listed below the medication name. Comments are printed below the schedule itself.
  • PRN / As Needed medications are listed below the scheduled medication(s) along with their pertinent information.
  • A series of signature fields appear at the bottom of the MAR / kardex. Health professionals who administered medications using the sheet can sign off at the end of the session.
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