Printing Multiple Custom Health Forms

If your organization is using a custom online form to collect health information, you can print multiple forms at once. This text guide reviews how to do this quickly and easily with the use of a stored group.


Step 1: Create a Stored Group

  • Most reports can generate a stored group. 
  • Choose a report that gives you list of the individuals for whom you wish to print medical forms. 
  • When you run the report, use the upload icon to save this information as a stored group.
  • If you use a custom report, look for a Store this information link instead of the icon.


Step 2: Retrieving Your Forms

Once you've created a Stored Group with individuals for whom you wish to print the forms,

    1. Go to the Reports menu and expand the Forms section.
    2. Click Online Forms.
    3. In the Select Form dropdown menu, choose your Health History Form. This will bring up an additional set of filters.
    4.  In the Who is also in dropdown menu, choose your stored group from Step 1.
    5. Click the Search button.
    6. [Optional] In the list of forms, uncheck boxes of any forms you do NOT want to print.
    7. Scroll to the bottom and click the Print Selected button.

This will queue the process of generating your pdf and redirect you to the My Jobs page.


Step 3: Downloading the PDF from My Jobs

When you click the Print Selected button, each Health Form that has a checked box to the left will be submitted to the My Jobs processor. You will also be redirected to the My Jobs page.

On the My Jobs page, you will see your Health form queued up and then begin to process. When the job is complete, an icon will display.

  • Click the icon to request a download of the combined Health Form PDF file.
  • Follow the prompts in your browser to download and/or open the PDF.

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