Getting Started with Discounts

Discounts are a common feature in setting up pricing for sessions, and UltraCamp offers several ways of implementing discounts. However, it is important to remember that the more complex your pricing, the difficult it will be for parents to predict their costs as well as for the system to accurately accommodate. At UltraCamp, our experience affirms the old saying: "Keep it simple, Silly!"


How Do Discounts Work in UltraCamp?

Discounts are attached to a session and reduce the overall cost of that session. Discount stack with each other and calculate off the total session fees. You can track discount approval and financial totals through UltraCamp's reporting tools. Different types of discounts handle various pricing scenarios:

  • Multi-week Discounts are fully automated discounts that add automatically when a specific number of sessions are purchased
  • Volume Discounts are generally frowned on due to their unpredictability but add automatically when a total balance threshold is met.
  • Simple Discounts are flexible discounts that can be triggered by date range, code or even a checkbox. These are the most versatile and commonly used type of discount.
  • Membership Discounts are dollar amount discounts that can add automatically when a designated membership item is selected.
  • Paid-in-full Discounts automatically trigger when a reservation is paid for completely at checkout or can be added to a reservation later if it is paid by a specific date.


How Do I Set Up Discounts?

There are two parts of setup for most discounts:

    1. Create a Discount Template.
    2. Schedule (or add) the Discount to one or more sessions.

Membership and Paid-in-Full Discounts do not need a template.



You can learn how create and add discounts through our Discount articles here!



Discount FAQs

Which discount type should I use if I want to do a sibling discount?

If you like the idea of a sibling discount being completely automated, use the Multi-week Discount. However, if you need to make a lot of exceptions, you will probably want to use a manually approved Simple Discount.

Which discount type should I use if I want to do an Early Registration discount?

Simple Discounts work great for this. You can set a date range that will automatically turn the discount off at a specific point in time.

How do I give away a free week or session?

A Simple Discount with a code can be set to cover 100% of the session costs.

How do I keep discounts from applying to the Session Options I've added?

There is a setting on the Option Category that can exclude all options in that category from being covered by discounts. Look for the checkbox labeled "Discounts can apply to options in this category," and make sure it is unchecked.

Can I make it so if a family gets one discount they can't get a different discount on the same reservation?

No. You can set a limit on the value of discounts an individual can receive on a specific session, but all eligible discounts will stack with one another.

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