What to expect for initial setup

Because each program is unique, we offer various training and customization options to best meet the demands of your program. All programs go through a general training process, as outlined below.

Our Welcome Team will help you with signing your contract, completing the wizard, and arranging payments.


Setup overview

Before you can launch online registration, you will need to address each of the following:

    1. Submit your signed contract
    2. Complete the My Settings wizard
    3. Arrange client payments (including setting up a Merchant Account and Gateway if necessary)
    4. Create templates and masters for your programs
    5. Schedule your programs


To create templates and schedule your programs, we recommend that you work alongside one of our Training Team members through a series of training sessions.


Setup training

When setting up a database, most programs can expect to complete four to six scheduled trainings which last approximately one hour each. Depending on the complexity of your program, you may need more or fewer training and setup calls than indicated.

Most training calls will result in “homework” to complete before the next training, and we recommend spreading them out over a 3-4 week period of time. 

  • Homepage Orientation: generally 1 call with a Welcome Team member
  • Templates and Settings: usually a minimum of 2 calls with your Training contact
  • Scheduling of Your Programs: a minimum of 1 call with your Training contact
  • Testing and an Introduction to Account Management: a minimum of 1 call with your Training contact
  • Revisions and Finalization: a minimum of 1 call with your Training contact



Before you dive into the My Settings wizard, it’s a good idea to have your organization’s Tax ID number and contact information on hand, as well as a decision about what kind of payment methods you’ll permit for your clients.


Follow-up Training

Once your initial setup is complete, we recommend follow-up trainings for Finance Management and Reporting. We can also set up additional trainings as needed for your primary staff/users.


Key terms

As you set up your database, you will encounter a variety of terms used frequently by UltraCamp team members and within the system.

  • User - An individual with access to the administrative side of UltraCamp
  • Client - An individual who wants to sign up for a program
  • Wizard - An UltraCamp tool designed to walk you through an aspect of setup in a series of pages
  • Merchant Account - A payment processor which permits your organization to collect credit card payments and deposit them into your bank account.
  • Gateway - The system that connects UltraCamp to your merchant account, enabling online credit card payments to be processed from within UltraCamp.
  • Support Ticket - A request for assistance entered directly into the UltraCamp database by an UltraCamp user.
  • Session - A program or event you want your clients to register for online.

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