Getting Started With Sessions

A Session is a program or event you want your clients to register for online. Scheduling a new session has multiple components. 

As part of the setup process for your program, you'll be prompted to address the following:

    • Basic Event Information - session name, dates, capacity, etc.
    • Communication - to registrants and staff
    • Cost - fees and discounts
    • Event Options - additional choices offered within the session
    • Additional Information - collecting information specific to your program and event needs



Before you sit down to schedule your upcoming events as sessions, it's a good idea to make sure that you have the necessary information on hand. This will speed up and smooth your process


Basic Event Information

To set up your event as a session, you will need to:

    1. Enter the event begin and end date. 
    2. Set capacity limits and age or grade restrictions (if applicable) for your event.
    3. Set Age or Grade limits (if any)



To learn more about how to create sessions for your events, check out our articles about Session Setup here!



UltraCamp can send an automated message to an account registration when completed. 

In addition to a summary of their order, you can add other information like parent handbooks, To Bring lists, welcome language and further instructions.

What to have on hand:

    • Text for welcome language and instructions to include in the email
    • PDF file for documents you'd like to attach to the email (like parent handbooks, brochures, and To Bring lists)



To bill accounts accurately, fees and pricing will need to be entered in the system. 

    • How are clients billed--by event or choices within an event or something in between? 
    • Non-refundable fee policy? 
    • Discounts - what is the criteria for approving them? 
    • How will clients pay these fees--is only a deposit required, do they pay in full, or will you allow payment plans?

What to have on hand:

    • Total fees with a breakdown of any non-refundable fees
    • Discounts list with criteria for approval and exceptions
    • Payment policy


Event Options

If your event offers further choice options within the session itself, UltraCamp can collect information and add fees as part of the registration process. 

    • Are these choice selections mandatory or optional? 
    • Is the availability of these options restricted in any way? 
    • Are choice-related fees included in the session price or do they add to the session?

What to have on hand (if this applies to you):

    • Option details: including price, availability limits, schedule, and restrictions



Learn more about offering event options to your clients, check out our article about Activities or Options here.



Additional Information

UltraCamp has built in features to collect biographical and contact information for an attendee as well as primary contact, alternate contact, alternate pickup, and medication information. 

Custom forms or questions 

If your organization collects other specific information about an attendee, this information can be collected electronically through custom online forms or custom questions. 

Some examples of this are: 

    • health information 
    • buddy or cabin-mate requests
    • activity waivers 

While these are created outside the normal session scheduling process, it is a good idea to have this information available if you wish to include collecting it as part of your registration process.




To learn more about how to collect additional information, check out our articles regarding Forms and Questions here!



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