Test Account

Test accounts allow you to practice managing individual accounts. A test account is fully functional; you can make add account members, make reservations and run reports. A test account is automatically created for each organization during the initial setup.

To find the test account for your database:

    1. Type test in the Account Search field
    2. Click the open account icon or press return 
    3. Select the test account from the results window


Fees and charges

  • Any reservations made from the public side do not incur UltraCamp fees.
  • Credit card payments made at the time of checkout will not go through.


Scheduled payments made with credit card or ACH (such as payment plans), and payments made outside the checkout process WILL go through and processing charges will apply.


Create a new test account

If an additional test account is needed, our support staff can create one for you. You can also create an account and ask our team to designate it as a test account. In either case, please call or submit a support ticket.

  • Our offices are open for normal support between 9 am and 5 pm EST.
  • Our toll free number is: (888) 791-2080.

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