FAQ: Why can't my client log in?

There are several common reasons clients have trouble logging into their account. Here are the most common causes and how to address them:


Reason #1: Wrong Login Page

In order to log in to their accounts, your clients must access your database. This is done through a unique url. You will want to verify that your clients are going to the right page to log in.

    • Clients sometimes go directly to www.ultracamp.com. This site is for admin's only, and your client's login information will not work here.
    • Clients sometimes attempt to use an incomplete url. An incomplete url will not take your clients to your login.
    • The correct page should have your logo / header at the top of the page.



Provide your clients with the correct url.

    • Links to your specific database can be found by clicking here.
    • Links to your database can also be found by going to the Tools menu, expanding the Management section and clicking Links to UltraCamp.


Reason #2: Incorrect Login Information

Clients sometimes forget or lose their login information. Login information has several security requirements which can both complicate and ease login recovery:

    • Usernames are an email address (unless they have been adjusted deliberately).
    • Passwords are encrypted in such a way that neither you nor UltraCamp team members have access to them.



Option A: Help your clients retrieve or reset login information.

There are a couple ways of helping your clients to retrieve or reset their login information:

    • Have clients use the link on your login page (Register Online or Manage My Account) to recover their username or reset their password.
      • This will trigger a direct email to the client address (see the detailed section further down this article).
      • It can take up to 15 minutes for the email to be transmitted.
      • The password reset link in the email is only good for 12 hours after it is sent.


    • On the admin side, confirm their correct username.
        1. Open the client's account on the admin side.
        2. Expand the Primary Contact / Organization Information section on the right.
        3. The Username will be listed under the Log In Information section.


    • Send a password reset to their account email address or a text to their mobile phone:
        1. Open the client's account on the admin side.
        2. Expand the Primary Contact / Organization Information section on the right.
        3. Click the link to either Email Password Reset or Text Password Reset.


Option B: Create a new temporary username and/or password for your clients.

    • Open the client's account on the admin side.
    • Expand the Primary Contact / Organization Information section on the right.
    • Click the icon next to the Log In Information section.
    • Enter a new username or password as needed.
    • Click the Save Login Information button.

You will still need to communicate this information to your clients in order for them to be able to log in.


Reason #3: Account is Inactive

When a client account is inactive in UltraCamp, it cannot be accessed by the public. There are several ways an account can be made inactive:

    • An admin can make an account inactive an account using the link under Account Tools.
    • UltraCamp will automatically deactivate an account that has 4 declined transactions in a 24 hour period.

The easiest way to identify if an account is Inactive is to open it on the admin side of UltraCamp directly to the Account Detail. If the account is opened directly to the account detail, UltraCamp will display an Alert banner if the account is inactive. The banner will say, "This account is currently marked as 'Inactive.' To reactivate this account click here."



If you wish, you can re-enable the account to allow the client access. To do this, take the following steps:

    1. Open the account on the admin side.
    2. In the Alert banner at the top, click the link to reactivate the account.

This will re-enable the account so the client can log in or reset their password.



Passwords and Reset Emails

Passwords for UltraCamp clients must meet certain security standards. A password must have the following characteristics:

    • At least 8 characters in length
    • An uppercase letter
    • A lowercase letter
    • A number or special character

Once created, they are no longer visible to anyone, but they can be overwritten or reset.


How does a password reset email work?

When a password reset email request is made, an email is sent to the Primary Contact on the specified account. This email includes instructions and a link to actually trigger the reset. When these instructions are followed, the client will be able to create a new password and access their account.

    • On the public side, the password reset link is located on the main login page.
    • The reset link is good for approximately 12 hours.
    • It can take up to 15 minutes for the reset email to transmit.


What does a password reset email look like?

The email sent to the client will also include: your logo and contact information.

Dear (Primary Contact's first and last name appear here),

Thank you for contacting us. Click the link below to
reset your password. This link is valid for ONE USE
ONLY and will EXPIRE in 12 HOURS.

Reset my password

To reset your password:

      1. Click the reset link contained in this email
      2. Enter your email address
      3. The Authorization Code will auto populate from this email
      4. Enter your new password
      5. Confirm your new password
      6. Click "Submit"

Authorization Code didn't auto populate? Here it is: (Code will appear here)


(Your organization name will appear here)

How does the Password Reset Page work?

When the link in the email is clicked, the client will be taken to a page with your logo at the top. A set of instructions will ask them to complete the information below in order to reset their password.

    1. An Authorization Code is required. This should be auto populated from the email itself but it can be copied and pasted.
    2. The Email Address for the primary contact on the account is required and must be entered by the client.
    3. The New Password must be at least 6 characters in length.
    4. Confirm the new Password.
    5. Click the Reset Password button to save changes.
    6. They will then be prompted with a message saying "Password has been reset for username (client's username)."
    7. Once they click the OK button they will receive a further confirmation page indicating their password has been reset with a link to return to the login page.

How is a Password Reset Email Triggered?

Password Reset Emails can be triggered two ways:

    • By the client on the login page for your website
    • On the admin side of UltraCamp

To trigger the password reset for the client:

    1. Navigate to the client's account detail page.
    2. Expand the  Primary Contact / Organization section.
    3. Click the Email password reset link in the Log in Information section.

This will trigger the Reset Email.


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