Account Correspondence

The Account Correspondence page contains a reviewable history of all logged correspondence to the current account. This includes emails sent to the account from within the system along with any other manually logged correspondence.

To view the Account Correspondence: 

    1. Open the desired account.
    2. Click the Current Account icon at the top of the page.
    3. In the resulting Current Account window, click the Account Correspondence icon.


Displaying Correspondence

  • UltraCamp defaults to displaying all correspondence in the current season. 
  • You may change the display to a different season or All seasons using the dropdown on the left.
  • Each correspondence entry is listed along with the recorded Date, correspondence Type, the subject of the Content, and who the correspondence was Handled By.
  • Click the Binoculars or View icon to see the logged content of the correspondence.



A logged email can be resent by viewing the logged correspondence and clicking the Resend icon. You can even resend it to a different address by editing the Resend To address.

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