Upload a Transaction File

Uploading transactions is an advanced feature in UltraCamp.


Before attempting this for the first time, it is recommended that you consult with an UltraCamp Support Specialist.


Step 1: Prepare the CSV file

To upload transactions to UltraCamp, a CSV file is required. This can be generated outside of UltraCamp or by downloading an UltraCamp report.

  • You must change the name of the worksheet tab in the CSV file to Sheet1
  • Only the first tab will be read by UltraCamp
  • Each column must have a column header (no special characters).
  • A column in the CSV file must contain transaction amounts without special characters (no $ or - symbols)
  • Additional recommended columns:
    • idAccount - to accurately link transactions to an UltraCamp account
    • transactionDate - when this transaction should show as having occurred
    • transactionMemo - to provide better reporting and identification (for example, "Offline Bulk Check Upload from 1/13/2021")
  • The CSV file should have a short, recognizable name without special characters or spaces



If you include a column with the idSession Assignment, UltraCamp will attempt to allocate the payment to that specific session's fees in Step 2!


Step 2: Upload the CSV file

  1. Go to the Tools menu and expand Financial
  2. Select Upload a Transaction File
  3. Use the button next to Select File to choose the CSV file on your computer from Step 1
  4. Click the Upload File button
  5. On the resulting page (See image below), make the following setting adjustments:
    • In the Select ID Field, choose idAccount
    • ID Field corresponds to the UltraCamp Account ID
    • In the Transaction Type Field use the second column to select the desired Transaction Type from the dropdown menu
    • In the Amount Field use the dropdown menu to select the column header from the excel file for the transaction amount
  6. [Optional but recommended] Check the box to "Load in the background"
  7. Click the Create Transactions button


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