Retreat Deposits

UltraCamp provides several options for handling retreat deposits. Depending on your organization's needs, you can set up any number of deposit types. Different deposit types can address different deposit scenarios.

Find Where to Manage Retreat Deposits

  1. Go to the Settings menu and Expand the System / Management section
  2. Click Retreat / Conference Settings
  3. In the wizard, proceed to the Deposits page in the Deposits / Fees section


Create and Edit a Retreat Deposit Types

You can create deposit types in the Retreat / Conference Center wizard. Once a deposit type been set up, it will display on the Deposits page in the wizard. Deposit types will also be available to add to any retreat reservation you create.

Create a new Deposit template by clicking the + icon or the words "Add Retreat Deposit Type" in the gray heading bar.

You can adjust existing Deposit templates by clicking "Edit" to the right of the listed item.

Whether creating a new deposit or editing an existing one, you'll need to address the following settings:

    • The deposit Name will show both to admins who are adding the deposit to a retreat reservation and to the public when they review their reservation communication.
    • Choose with Deposit Type you'd like to apply to this template. This will determine what happens to the deposit if a retreat reservation is cancelled:
      • A Non-refundable deposit will continue to apply as a fee on a client's balance after event cancellation.
      • A deposit that is set to be 100% Refundable will not apply to a client's balance if their reservation is cancelled.
      • A deposit that is set to be a Custom Percent Refundable will require that you enter that percent so UltraCamp can calculate how much of the deposit will be kept as a fee upon cancellation.
    • The Deposit Amount is the default value of your deposit. This can be manually adjusted by an admin when it is added to a retreat reservation.
    • Choose either Percentage or Dollar for the Deposit Amount Type to tell UltraCamp how to calculate the Deposit Amount.
    • If you wish the Deposit Amount to be its own additional fee on top of all other reservation fees, check the box to Add deposit amount to reservation balance. Only use this checkbox if you do not wish payments toward the deposit to count toward other fees on the reservation.
    • You may choose an Allocation Account for monies assigned to the deposit. This will allow for separate financial tracking for retreat deposits using this template, but this is optional.

When you are finished, click the Insert button to save a new Deposit Template or click the Update button to save changes to an existing Deposit template.


Add a Deposit to a Retreat Reservation

To add a deposit to a retreat reservation, you'll need to first create a retreat reservation on an account.  Once the reservation is saved on the account, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the reservation name or icon next to it to access the Reservation Detail page.
  2. Expand the Deposits section and click Add Deposit
  3. Select your Deposit Type from the dropdown menu.
  4. [Optional] You can adjust the calculated Deposit Amount if desired.
  5. [Optional] Enter any Comments in the designated box and check the box if the Comment is supposed to display to the client.
  6. Click the Add Deposit button.

This will add the deposit to the retreat reservation.

Once the deposit is added, you can edit or delete the deposit by clicking the icon to the right of the deposit listed on the Reservation Detail.



Once a deposit has been added, it will not change or update automatically when changes are made to other facilities and fees on the reservation.

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