Storing Groups and Exporting

Stored Groups

A Stored Groups is a static snapshot of data taken from a report's returned information. Stored Groups have a variety of uses within UltraCamp, ranging from filtering to large scale communication. In addition to saving report return information in the database, UltraCamp can also export returned information in Excel/CSV and PDF formats.    

Store This Information

When you click the  Store this information icon on any standard report, you will be bring up the Create a Stored Group window. 

  • Here you can manage the export of the report's returned information.
  • The Store this information icon usually found in the upper right of a report's return information to store or export data from the report.


Create a Stored Group

  1. File Name: By default, UltraCamp will use the report's name as the File Name for the data you are exporting, but you can modify this using the text field to the right.
    • If you are working with multiple stored groups at once, it is a good idea to name them differently for clarity. Be sure to avoid special characters in your stored group name since this can occasionally interfere with the various tools which use stored groups.

  1. Export Type: This determines what UltraCamp does with the return information.
Stored Groups Excel File PDF
These groups are saved temporarily in UltraCamp 24 hours after midnight of the day on which the group is created. At this point the stored group expires and is wiped from the database.
  • Permanently Save overrides the expiration.
  • Once you've stored your group, you will receive a message in the window stating that the information was stored successfully. You can then safely close the window.


You can also export to Excel using the Quick Export link at the top right of your return information. When Quick Exporting, your spreadsheet program may warn that the file extension does not match the format of the file. This is due to the way the file is auto-generated. If you receive this alert, click the option to open the file anyway. You can then re-save the file with the correct extension.


  1. Visible to All Users: By checking this box, other administrators with access to reports can use this stored group. Otherwise, it is visible only to you. 

  2. Permanently Save: Prevents the stored group from being automatically removed after its expiration.
    • The resulting stored group can only be deleted manually using the Manage link in the Tools menu.


Clicking Store this information in a custom report does not bring up the same interface. Instead, this link stores the report data directly in the database, using the custom report's name as the File Name for the stored group.


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