Online Form Reports


The Online Forms report returns a list of individuals who have begun and/or completed a custom online form. This list can then be used to generate a PDF of each individual form. The list can also be stored for further use, exported, or printed.    

To create an online form report:

    1. Click on the Reports menu
    2. Expand Forms section
    3. Click the Online Forms link


Report Parameters

    1. Select Form: Use the dropdown menu to Select Form. This will bring up additional, optional filters.
    2. First Name/Last Name: As a search option, you can look for a specific First Name or Last Name. This is primarily used to look for a specific individual.
    3. Completion Date: If you enter a Completion Date range in the field provided, UltraCamp will limit the search to forms that were initially completed during that date range.
    4. Last Modified: If you enter a date range in the Last Modified fields, your search will return anyone who saved their form--either updating or completing it for the first time--within the dates you have specified.
    5. Who Is Also In: The most commonly used filter is the one that looks at Who is also in a stored group. 
      • This filter uses a stored group to return only forms that have been saved by individuals in the stored group.
      • Indicate which stored group by selecting it from the dropdown menu.
    6. Click Search button to return a list of individuals and their forms.



UltraCamp displays a list of the specified forms by the individual associated with that form. Additionally displayed are the Account #, and the dates for when the form was First Completed and Last Updated.

  • Click the Eye Icon to peek at the account information for that record.
  • Click the Account number to leave the report and open that account. 
  • Clicking the Binocular Icon will take you out of the report and directly to the edit page for the specific form.
  • To the left of each form is a checkbox. By default these are all checked. You can select and deselect forms by checking and unchecking these boxes.
  • Click the Print Selected button to print any form with a checked box. This will generate a job in the My Jobs.


My Jobs

  • When you create the document, it will be submitted to the My Jobs processor.
  • You will see the job queued up and then begin to process, when it is complete, the Checkmark Icon will display.
  • You can then access the pdf by clicking the Adobe Acrobat Icon next to the job. This will open the PDF in a new tab where you can download and / or print.

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