Transaction Summary

The Transaction Summary report identifies and details transactions based on when they are initiated in UltraCamp.   

To create a Transaction Summary Report:

    1. Click on the Reports menu 
    2. Go to the Financial section
    3. Click on Transaction Summary
    4. Enter or check optional report parameters
    5. Click Search


Report Parameters

  • Transaction Types: The Transaction Summary report can be filtered to return one or more Transaction Types. 
    • By default, the report will return All Credits and All Debits. You can adjust this to any one or combination of credits and/or debits.
    • By unchecking the box next to All Credits, you can select specific credit types. This will restrict the report search to just those credit types you indicate by checking the associated box.
    • By unchecking the box next to All Debits, you can select specific debit types. This will restrict the report search to just those debit types you indicate by checking the associated box.
  • Card Types: Use the Card Types filter to restrict the report search to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or any combination thereof.
  • Season: The Transaction Summary report defaults to the current Season. You can run this report for any specific season or combination of seasons by checking the associated boxes.
  • Dates: Often a narrower date range than an entire season is desired. Use the calendar picker and Dates fields to restrict the report parameters even further.
  • Last Name: The search for this report can be focused on transactions submitted by primary contacts with a specific Last Name by entering all or part of the name in the field provided.
  • Account #: Where a specific account is being examined, you can enter its Account # in the field provided.
  • Check #: The Transaction Summary can be used to search for the specific Check # of a specific check recorded in UltraCamp.
  • Amount: The Amount field can be used to search for transactions that are equal to, greater than, less than, or not equal to a specific dollar amount.
  • Entered By: Use the Entered By dropdown menu to filter for transactions entered by a specific administrative user. By default the summary will not restrict the search based on who entered the transaction (All Users).
  • Text in Memo: Transactions can be searched for based on text entered in the transaction's Memo field. Simply enter all or part of the desired text in the Text in Memo field.
  • Reconciled Status: Your search can also be restricted to transactions with a specific Reconciled Status. 
    • Using the dropdown menu, you can look for transactions that are part of a batch that has been Reconciled with the gateway and settled into your bank account. 
    • You can also look for transactions that are not part of a reconciled batch or whose batch has not been reconciled by using the Unreconciled menu item. 
    • By default, the report returns All transactions regardless of reconciliation status.



The Reconciled Status filter works best when searching for Credit Card and ACH Payments. Custom Credits, Cash, and check payments (any non-electronic payment) is not batched and recorded automatically, so these transactions will show under Unreconciled Transactions unless you filter them out under the Transaction Type.


Display Allocations 

In addition to a list of distinct transactions, the Transaction Summary report can display how those transactions are allocated. 

  • Checking the Display Transaction Allocations box determines how those allocations are organized and presented at the bottom of the transaction list in the Transaction allocations for found transactions section of the report. 
  • This information can be saved as a stored group separately from the list of transactions above it.
  • Check the box to Only display allocations and not transactions to hide the transaction list.


Report Type Menu Options

The Report Type dropdown menu offers three options:

  • Detail Summary: This breaks down allocations by Allocation Account. Within each allocation account section, the transactions are summarized by transaction type and listed by Session Name within each payment type.
  • General Summary: Allocations are broken down by Allocation Account and transaction type.
  • Item List: This offers a variety of optional groupings for the allocations portion of the report. You may indicate which parameters you'd like to group the allocations by. 
    • When the Report Type is set to an "Item List," you can indicate which way you'd like to Group Report By. 
    • The various options are presented with checkboxes and can be combined for differing results.


Most are self-explanatory but there a couple of specific combinations detailed below:

  • Allocation Account#: Check the Allocation Account # box to receive totals for each account number. This option combines well with checking the Allocation Account Name and  with any of the date or season options.
  • Uncheck all boxes to return a detailed breakdown of every allocation of every transaction. This includes transaction type, primary contact, session name, area, amount, allocation account number and name, etc.


Search: When your parameters are set, click the Search button to run the report.

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