A/R Aging

Accounts Receivable Aging reports, or A/R Aging for short, is a useful report in finding what accounts are truly overdue in your system. While the Account Balances report can give you an overall look at the balances due for your entire database, it does not tell you if the balances are outstanding or due in the future. To access the A/R Aging report:

    1. Click on the Reports menu 
    2. Go to the Financial section
    3. Click on A/R Aging


Report Parameters

By default the report will run for the current date, but you can use the As Of Date field to check aging for a particular date, such as the start of the year.


Report Output



Example Output of the A/R Aging Report

Report Fields

  • Name: Displays the Primary Contact of the account. Clicking on the eye icon will allow you to Peek at Account to see basic information.
  • Account Balance: Displays the full Account Balance for the account.
  • Current: Displays balances that are due in the future. 
  • 1-30 days: Displays balances that are 1-30 days overdue.
  • 31-60 days: Displays balances that are 31-60 days overdue.
  • 61-90 days: Displays balances that are 61-90 days overdue.
  • > 90 days: Displays balances that are over 90 days overdue.
  • Total Overdue: Adds up the balances from the 1-30 days column through the >90 days column to give the total overdue for the account.



The A/R Aging report only reports balances for items that have a due date. If you have transactions such as a Misc Debit that are creating the balance, it will not show up on this report!


What determines overdue status?

Sessions and Retreat reservations both have a Paid-in-Full due date field that determines when they are considered overdue. If a Paid-in-Full due date is not set, it will default to the start date of the event.



Example of the Paid-in-Full due date field in the Session Editing Wizard


For non-session fees such as donations and account fees, the due date is the same as the date of the item.


In this example, the due date of the donation would be 4/2/2021.


Saving A/R Aging Report

 A/R Aging report data can be: 

  • Saved to a Stored Group
  • Exported 
  • Printed 




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