Financial Reporting

Account Balances

This report searches for accounts based on the overall account balance. By default, it looks at the current account balance, but that can be adjusted based on the Report Parameters.    

To access Account Balances go to:

    1. Reports menu
    2. Financial 
    3. Account Balances


Report Parameters

  • Balance Type: The Balance Type filter focuses the report on one of the following settings:
    • Balance Due Accounts are accounts which owe money to your organization.
    • Credit Due Accounts are accounts that have a credit owed them.
    • Non '0' Balances are all accounts where the balance is not zero--this includes Balance Due Accounts and Credit Due Accounts.
    • '0' Balances are accounts with no credit or balance.
    • All Accounts shows every account in your database along with its balance.
  • As Of: By default, the Account Balances report shows current information. By entering a date and/or time in the As of: (optional) field, you can report on account balances at a specific date and time in the past.
  • With Reservations Beginning:Use the With Reservations Beginning (optional) filter to look for accounts that also have reservations during the time-frame you specify. 
    • Note: This filter does NOT identify whether their reservation has a balance. It just verifies that account has a reservation in the specified time and fulfills the other selected Report Parameters.

Search: Click the Search button to run a report based on a combination of the parameters above.



  • The resulting list can be sorted by any particular column by clicking the column header at the top.
  • Clicking the eye icon next to the Account # will bring up current account information, while clicking the actual Account number will take you out of the report and into that account.
  • Click the binocular icon to go directly to the Finance Detail of that account.
  • Like most UltraCamp reports, the Account Balances report data can be saved to a Stored Group with the image.png icon, exported using the image.png icon, and printed using the image.png icon

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