Scheduling Lodging

With Facility Templates created, you can schedule lodging to sessions in order to allow participants to be assigned to a specific facility. Depending on the individual session settings, participants may or may not be able to select their own lodging.


Session Lodging Groups (Step 1)

Before you can assign individuals to a specific facility, you will need to create a Lodging Group and associate it with one or more sessions. A lodging group will contain multiple cabins or units which are added at a later stage in the setup process. This is the first step in scheduling Lodging.    

To create or edit Lodging Groups: 

    1. Go to the Scheduling menu.
    2. Expand the Lodging section.
    3. Click on Session Lodging Groups.


Create a New Lodging Group

    1. Click the Create a New Lodging Group.
    2. Enter a Lodging Group Name. This name will be used for reporting and management purposes but is not visible to the public.
    3. Select a Begin Date and an End Date which includes the date range of your desired session or sessions.
    4. Check Enable Holds (optional) if you are permitting clients to select their own lodging. This will make sure their lodging assignment is not taken by another as they proceed through the registration process.
    5. If you enable holds, you can set the Hold Time in minutes to determine how long a clients selection is held for them as they move through the registration process. Once they check out, their lodging assignment is locked in.
    6. A Lodging Group may have Age / Grade Restrictions enabled to limit who can be assigned to which facilities. Use the dropdown menu to indicate age or grade restrictions if you wish to use this feature.
    7. Click the Select Sessions button to choose which sessions this Lodging Group applies to. Only sessions which fit within the specified Begin and End Dates are eligible.
    8. Click the Save button to save your work to your database.


A lodging group is not the same as a cabin or individual unit. Typically, a Lodging group reflects a time frame and is named something like "Junior 1" or "Week 1."


Session Lodging Units (Step 2)

Facilities must be attached to a lodging group before individuals can select or be assigned to them. The Lodging Units page allows you to attach facilities to a specific lodging group as well as determine the behavior settings for that facility within that lodging group. This is the second step in scheduling lodging. 

    1. Go to the Scheduling menu.
    2. Expand the Lodging section.
    3. Click the Session Lodging Units link.


Scheduling Lodging Units

    1. Select your Lodging Group from the dropdown menu.
    2. To add a facility to the lodging group from the list of available facilities, you must check the box to the left of the facility name.
    3. Indicate which Gender will be assigned to this facility using the dropdown menu. If there are no gender restrictions, choose Family.
    4. The Capacity can be changed from the default using the field to the right.
    5. A per person fee can be added to those assigned a specific facility. This is done by adjusting the Rate
    6. The Group / Identifier will be displayed along with the facility name in reports. It is typically used to record the name of a staff member assigned to the designated facility, but any text can be entered here.
    7. By default, UltraCamp will display facilities in alpha-numeric order. You can override this sort order using the Display Rank Lower numbers will display before higher numbers.
    8. Click the Save button to save your changes.



Step 3: Lodging Assignments

Once your Lodging Groups are created and connected and your Lodging Units are added, you may assign individuals to lodging administratively. The fastest way to do this is through the Lodging Assignments tool.  

    1. In the Scheduling menu.
    2. Expand the Lodging section.
    3. Click the Lodging Assignments.
    4. Select your Lodging Group from the dropdown menu.
    5. Select the Gender of the lodging units to which you wish to assign individuals. If your lodging units do not have gender restrictions, select All.
    6. Indicate which Display Information you wish shown alongside each attendee's session, name, and gender.
      • Cabin mate or bunk mate requests are often handled as a Session Custom Question. If this is the case for your organization, checking this box will allow you review this information when assigning individuals to lodging.
    7. Click the Search button to return a list of Unassigned Participants along with Available Lodging Units.

Unassigned Participants

The Unassigned Participants section will display any attendees from the Lodging Group's sessions that aren't currently assigned to a facility.

To assign these participants to a facility:

  1. Check the box next to one or more names. 
  2. Click the radio button next to the desired Facility. 
  3. Click the button to Assign to Selected Cabin button to complete the process.


Available Lodging Units

Each facility that has been added as a Lodging Unit appears along with its designated Gender and total Enrollment. Click a facility to expand it and view those who are assigned to that facility.

To remove someone from their currently assigned facility:

  1. Check the box to the left of their name.
  2. Click the Remove Assignments button. This will shift the selected participant(s) back to the Unassigned Participants section.
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