Facility Templates

Facility Templates are used to manage both facilities for the Retreat / Conference module and lodging for sessions. These templates are re-usable from season to season and event to event. Facility categories must be created before facility templates.


Facility Category

All facilities must be assigned to a category. Categories facilitate organization and reporting on the facilities themselves.    

To create or edit a Facility Category: 

    1. Go to the Settings menu.
    2. Expand the Facility Templates.
    3. Select Facility Categories.


Creating a New Facility Category

    1. Click the Create a New Facility Category.
    2. Enter a Category Name. This can be anything from "Cabins" to "Meals" to "Eagle Lodge." Keep in mind that this is a heading and not the actual facility an individual or group will be assigned to.
    3. Category Description is optional and does not appear to the public.
    4. Select an allocation account(optional) using the dropdown menu. Once an allocation account is selected, all revenue gained from this facility category will apply to the specified account (unless overridden on the facility itself).
    5. Use the Category Type menu to indicate whether this is a "Facility," "Lodging," or "Meal" type facility. This feature is particularly useful when using the Retreat Center.
    6. By default, the Active box is checked. Uncheck this box only if you wish to deactivate the facility category.
    7. Use the Save Category button to save your category and any changes you have made.


Editing an Existing Category

Existing Facility Categories will be listed alphabetically along with their description, Allocation Account number, and Facility Type. 

  • To edit a facility category by clicking the pencil or edit icon to the right.
  • Click the X or delete icon to disable the facility category.



Facility Templates

Facility Templates are the actual groups, activities, and/or items to which individuals are assigned. This can be done either through the Lodging Tool for Sessions or in a Retreat Reservation using the Retreat Center module.    

To create or edit Facility Templates: 

    1. Go to the Settings menu.
    2. Expand the Facility Templates.
    3. Click the Facility Templates link.


Create a New Facility

    1. Click Create a New Facility button.
    2. Enter a Facility Name. This will be visible to the public when interacting with the facility--either in the registration process or in billing and reports.
    3. Select a Facility Category from the dropdown menu.
    4. Facility Description (optional) shows to clients who are permitted to select their own lodging in the registration process.
    5. The Capacity indicates the default number of individuals who can occupy or use this facility at a given time. This field is required but can be overridden elsewhere.
    6. Allocation account (optional) Select using the dropdown menu. Once an allocation account is selected, all revenue gained from this facility will apply to the specified account. If set here, the allocation account will override allocation account selections on the Facility Category and/or Session level.
    7. Check the Active box to set this facility for active use on sessions or retreat reservations.


The above settings are all that is necessary for Facility Templates you are using exclusively for Individual or Group Sessions. Skip the next session and save your changes.


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