What Are Memberships and How Do They Work?

Memberships are a feature that lets clients identify with a specific item. They choose this item from a list you provide.

During registration, the membership feature can prompt clients to indicate if they belong to a specific group. This selection can trigger additional automatic behaviors within UltraCamp. For example, Membership selection can:

    • Prompt for another, more specific Membership selection.
    • Trigger a Membership Discount.
    • Trigger an Alternate Fee Structure (which changes checkout requirements or Group Pricing Structures).

In addition to these features, Membership offers the ability to designate a particular Membership answer (or answers) as your Primary Membership. This allows some enhanced reporting capabilities.


How to Set Up Membership

Setting up a membership requires three steps:

    1. Create a Member Group.
    2. Add at least one Member Group Item (two or more are recommended).
    3. Schedule a Membership Group for a session.

Once Membership has been added, clients will be prompted to make a selection from one or more dropdowns. Membership can also be adjusted from each individual Person Detail page.

You can learn more about Membership Setup here.


Membership Reporting

You can then report on their selections through UltraCamp's various reporting tools.

Standard Reports that can include Membership information are:

The Custom Report Builder lets you create reports that are tailored to your needs. You can add Membership information to a custom report through the following Data Fields:

    • In the "Individual Information" section, List - Primary Memberships
    • In the "Individual Information" section, List - Nonprimary Memberships
    • In the "Membership" section, Member Group
    • In the "Membership" section, Member Item

You can learn more about creating Custom Reports here in our webinar series.


Membership Discounts

Membership Discounts are discounts that can be triggered automatically when a specific membership item is selected during registration.

Membership Discounts are always dollar amount discounts.

You can learn more about setting up Membership Discounts here.


Memberships and Alternate Fee Structures

Alternate Fee Structures are an advanced tool that can change the checkout payment requirements for a session or the pricing structure of a group session.

Alternate Fee Structures can use a specific membership selection to trigger either of these changes.

Ask one of our UltraCamp Support consultants to learn more about whether Alternate Fee Structures are a good fit for your organization.

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