Creating and Managing Group Preorder Templates

Group Preorder Templates control a leader's experience when they reserve a number of spaces in a session. What information leaders must provide, how many spaces they can reserve, and whether or not they must pay a deposit are all dictated by the template. Of course, a template must be connected to a session in order for its settings to affect registration.

To find where to create and manage your Group Preorder Templates:

  1. Go to the Settings menu and expand the Session Templates section.
  2. Click Group Preorder Templates.

How to Create a New Group Preorder Template

To create a Group Preorder Template, take the following steps:

  1. Click the button to Create a New Group Preorder Template
  2. Enter a Name for the template. This will only be visible to admins.
  3. Enter any desired settings in the fields below to dictate the behavior of the template.
  4. Click the Save Template button.

Once the template has been saved it will be displayed in the list of Existing group preorder templates.

You must connect the template to a session if you want the template to be active and impact that session's registration. You can learn how to make that connection here.


Editing an Existing Group Preorder Template

To edit an existing Group Preorder Template, take the following steps:

  1. Click the edit icon to the right of the template you wish to manage.
  2. Change any settings as desired.
  3. Click the Save Template button to save your changes.

You can also delete a template using the Delete Template button on the template editing page.


You must connect a Group Preorder Template to a session in order to enable registration preorders. To connect a Group Preorder Template, open the session editing wizard for the desired session, and take the following steps:

  1. Proceed to the Basic Info page.
  2. Select the appropriate Group Preorder from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Complete button to save your changes.


Group Preorder Template Settings and Details.

Group Preorder Templates have a number of settings that dictate registration behavior. The details of these settings are listed below:

    • The Preorder Template Name is used for admin setup purposes and reference only. It is not visible to the public.
    • If you wish the group leader to pay a deposit for the spaces they reserve, use the Deposit Required settings to specify how that amount is calculated.
      • Enter the amount in the data field and indicate whether it is a Dollar or Percent amount
      • If you select "Dollar" as the deposit type, you can check the box to make this Deposit per person.
    • A Minimum Reservation Size prevents the leader from reserving less than this number of spaces.
    • A Maximum Reservation Size prevents a leader from reserving more than this number of spaces.
    • You can specify whether or not or how much Gender Data Collection you want to be part of the leader's registration.
      • Select Do Not Ask if you do not wish to collect gender data as part of reserving spaces.
      • Select Ask but do not require if you wish to offer the opportunity to specify how many Male and Female spaces are being reserved but leave entering that data optional.
      • Select Require if the leader must enter the number of Male spaces and Female spaces they are reserving.
    • The Payment Type Template determines if group registration allows different payment options from the session itself. You must contact UltraCamp support to have different templates added for selection.
    • If you want to let leaders return later and adjust the number of spaces they have reserved, check the box to Enable Public Edit.
    • By default, a Group Preorder Template is Enabled. If you wish to have this template no longer visible for selection on sessions, you can uncheck this box.
    • You can determine which information a leader can see on their preorder reservation. Click the Add / Edit Information link to change these settings from the default.
      • UltraCamp's default info will display as checkboxes that can be selected to give leaders access. Check or uncheck these boxes as desired.
      • Click the Filter link by Form Data to look at specific form information, and check desired boxes to display this information to leaders.

Always remember to save your changes when finished.

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