Cancelling a Retreat Reservation

Sometimes a retreat reservation falls through. You can reflect this change in the status of a retreat reservation by marking it Cancelled. Here's how to cancel a retreat reservation:

    1. Click on the retreat reservation or the View icon to the right of it.
    2. Click the "Cancel Reservation" button.
    3. When prompted, confirm the cancellation.

This will mark the reservation as "Cancelled." It will stay visible on the account for your records but will no longer count toward occupancy.


What does Cancelling a Retreat Reservation Do?

When you cancel a retreat reservation, UltraCamp keeps a record of what was on the reservation at the moment of cancellation. You can refer to this for conversations with your client and for future planning.

When you cancel, several things do happen immediately within UltraCamp:

    • All settings on the retreat reservation are frozen; they cannot be edited without restoring the reservation by clicking the Undo Cancel button.
    • The reservation will be designated as "Cancelled" on
    • All facilities and limits held for the reservation before it was cancelled are now open to other reservations.
    • All fees except non-refundable fees are reversed.



Cancelling a retreat reservation does NOT refund any payments recorded on the account and applied to the reservation. These must be refunded manually. You can read about refunds here.

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