Waiting Lists - Webinar

Learn how to setup and manage waiting lists for your sessions and activities. We'll look at: automation, reporting and managing individuals on the waiting list.


You can also learn about Session Waiting Lists here our help article.

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  • Asking a question that could be an easy five minute read of an article and receiving a link to a 45 minute video is rather insulting on my time. The presumption that I want an entire webinar instead of anything to read is wasteful. 

  • Can the account holder who is on a waiting list, see what number they are on the list?

  • I also find this extremely time consuming to have to sit through a 45 min webinar vs a simple paragraph giving instructions. If I need assistance quickly, its more effective to read through and find what I need vs hoping to get what I need from a webinar. 

  • Lori, account holders cannot see who is on the waiting list or what their priority/place it is either.

  • We have updated this page to reference our help article on Waiting Lists. This should hopefully provide an easier path to those looking for quick answers!


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