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Optimizing Your Camp's Digital Strategy with SmugMug: In-Depth Q&A Webinar Recap

Unlock the potential of SmugMug for your summer camp with this detailed recap of our live Q&A webinar. Featuring SmugMug experts Kaydin, Seth, and Oliver, this session delved into targeted questions from camp directors, focusing on enhancing camp photography sales, optimizing account settings, and ensuring effective privacy management.

What You'll Discover:

Selling and Commerce Insights for Camps: Gain insights on how to effectively use SmugMug’s selling tools to boost your camp's photo and merchandise sales.
Tailored Advice for Camp Operations: Learn from specific questions about managing and optimizing SmugMug settings that are particularly relevant to summer camps.
Demonstrations on Effective Setup: Watch practical demonstrations showing how to tailor SmugMug features to meet the needs of camp operations.

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