Integrated Point-of-Sale

UltraCamp has a point-of-sale system to simplify the management of your organization's store. 

  • In addition to processing traditional retail transactions and enabling inventory control, UltraCamp’s store supports the cashless environment under which most camps operate. 
  • Money can be deposited at any time to a camper’s store account either on site or online. Those funds immediately become available for use. 
  • If desired, a history of purchases is visible to parents by logging into their account. 
  • At the end of a season, left over money in a camper’s account can simply be credited back or transferred as a donation to the camp.


Point-of-Sale Integration with UltraCamp

UltraCamp and the Point-of-Sale system integrate to make management of monies easier across the two platforms. This video reviews the basics of that integration.


Using the Register

The main register interface in the Point-of-Sale system is used to process transactions and manage account information. 

  • In order to make full of the Register, your screen should be set to a resolution of at least 1024x768 if using Full Screen.
  • Using a screen with a smaller resolution may result in the need to zoom in or out.


Processing a Return

Returns can be processed in the Point-of-Sale system. These returns can update inventory and be used to electronically or manually refund the client.


Accounts Report

Within the Reports window, you can filter results through a variety options and apply bulk actions.


Inventory Report

The Inventory Report allows you to quickly view your current inventory or on a specific date. Sorting options and detailed views let you quickly access information. Reports can be exported to Excel, Word or CSV format.


Unspent Money Report

The Unspent Money Report can be used to quickly address money left unspent at the end of a camper's time at a program.    

    1. From the main page in the store, click the Reports menu button.
    2. Click Unspent Money.


Quick Steps to Address Unspent Money

To use the Unspent Money Report to quickly clear the accounts for campers who are wrapping up their program time at your organization and not staying for future weeks, you can take the following steps. These changes should be processed prior to the End Date of the session.

    1. Verify that the In Session Only box and the Does not have upcoming reservations boxes are checked.
    2. Click the View button.
    3. Review the resulting list of individuals who are in a current session to make sure you wish to refund this group (you can uncheck anyone you do NOT wish to refund).
    4. At the bottom of the page, select the appropriate action from the dropdown menu and click the Perform Action button to execute the selected action.


Perform Action Buttons

  • The first button addresses those individuals who have selected a preferred action and we recommend that you Use Specified Action for these individuals. 
  • The second is for those who have not specified a preferred course of action for their unspent money. Here, you can choose how to address these individuals.


Receipt Printer Settings for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has a known printing issue with receipt printers. By default, Firefox puts a date stamp at the bottom of printouts which can make a receipt printer waste considerable amounts of paper. The following instructions will show you how to address this issue within Firefox.

When using a Receipt Printer in Firefox, you will need to edit your Firefox settings. 

    1. In your Mozilla Firefox browser, click the Open menu icon (usually found in the upper right, it looks like three horizontal bars).
    2. In the menu, click the Print icon (looks like a printer).
    3. Click the Page Setup button (usually near the top left).
    4. In the resulting popup, go to the Margins and Header / Footer tab and set each of the Headers and Footers menus to blank.
    5. Click the OK button to save your changes.

This will override the default settings and should correct the printing issues with Firefox.

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