Reservation Detail

View, Edit or Cancel a Reservation

The Reservation Detail page provides details of an existing registration along with the ability to edit or adjust these details.  

You can view details or edit a reservation from a report, the Account Detail, Finance Detail, or the Person Detail pages

    1. Click the View icon to the right of the reservation you wish to view.



Managing an Existing Reservation

UltraCamp will display a summary of the reservation details, including the Account and Reservation Balance, who made the reservation and when.  It also lists details of the Reservation Fees and optional selections.  

Print Reservation Detail / Confirmation Receipt

The breakdown of fees, activity and option selections, discounts, and applicable payments can be printed as pdf. This Reservation Detail can be printed as a hard copy or attached to emails and sent to the Primary Contact on an account.    

To print Reservation Detail or Confirmation Receipt:

    1. Click the View icon or link to the right of any reservation, either in a report or on an individual account. 
    2. From the the Reservation Detail page, click the Print Reservation Detail button under Common Tasks.
    3. Clicking the button will bring up a popup window where you can preview the pdf. 
    4. Use the preview window's print icon to send this page to your printer.



Move This Reservation

When an attendee needs to have their reservation switched from one session to another, you can use the Move this Reservation button to cancel their old reservation and add in their new session in its place. UltraCamp will make every attempt to preserve any options and question information in the transfer of sessions.    

To move a reservation:

    1. Open the desired account 
    2. Click the "View" icon to the right of the reservation you wish to move 
    3. On the resulting Reservation Detail page under Common Tasks, click the "Move this Reservation" button 


When you indicate you wish to move a reservation, UltraCamp will present a Move Summary section along with a list of eligible sessions. You will be prompted to select a session, then proceed through a series of pages to confirm the move.


Move Summary

  • The Move Summary lists the Name of the attendee and the current session which they will Move From. 
  • Until you select a new session, the line which indicates the reservation the client will Move Into will have a "?". 
  • After you have selected a new session, its name will appear here. 
  • The Previous Cost of their original reservation will be listed along with the New Cost of the session the individual is switching into.


Processing the Move

  • Below the Move Summary, UltraCamp lists available sessions. 
  • To proceed, select one of these sessions and click the Next button.
  • The Move Summary will update based on your selection. 
  • Additionally, UltraCamp will list the Transferable Items, which can include discounts, activities, and session options. 
  • If you wish to edit any of the Transferable Items or process immediate payment, check the box to Move new reservation to cart instead of immediately processing. This will take you to the cart page where you can review the new order. Otherwise, click the button to Move Reservation and complete the switch.


When you click the button to Move Reservation , you bypass the shopping cart. This means that no confirmation email is sent for the new reservation. If you wish to trigger the confirmation email you have set up for the new program, choose to move the reservation to the cart or trigger the confirmation email later through the Reservation Detail page.


Cancel A Reservation

A Reservation can be cancelled administratively. When a reservation is cancelled, the attendee is removed from the session. Non-refundable fees can be added if desired.    

To cancel a reservation:

    1. Go to the account in question.
    2. View the reservation you wish to cancel by clicking the icon to the right.
    3. Click the Cancel this Reservation button under Common Tasks.



  • Reservation Information: This section displays the participant, the name of the session, its location and dates.
  • Cancellation Details: In the Cancellation Details section, select a Reason for Cancellation from the dropdown menu.
  • You may enter Comments in the textbox if desired.
  • Non-refundable Fees: You must choose how to deal with the fees from the reservation. It is important to note that no matter which option you select NO money will be sent back to the client. A credit or a debit may remain after the cancellation, depending on previous payments and what you select below:
    • Select Refund all non-refundable fees if you don't want to charge the client anything for making the initial reservation.
    • Select Apply the following non-refundable fees if you wish to charge the client some money for their initial reservation. You may adjust the Non refundable deposit to any amount by entering that amount in the field to the right of the checkbox. This amount will show as a non-refundable fee on their statement.
  • Cancel Reservation: To complete the cancellation, click the Cancel Reservation button and proceed through the warning prompt.


Reallocate Funds: 

  • Usually, this section should be left alone.
  • By default, if there are balances on other items UltraCamp will Automatically apply payments made toward this reservation to other items in the account when this reservation is cancelled. This is the recommended behavior.
  • However, if you wish the payments made toward this reservation to be allocated to Refund Liability, rather than to items with outstanding balances, you can uncheck this box.

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