Add and Edit Data Fields

Data fields are a required element in building a custom report. Data fields determine what information is pulled from the tables in your database and which columns will appear in the spreadsheet you view when you run the report.

    1. Go to the Reports menu.
    2. Expand Custom Reports.
    3. Click on Create a Custom Report.
    4. Select Data Fields.
      • Data Fields are grouped in categories. 
      • Each category is indicated by a gray bar. 
    5. Click the triangle to the left of the category name to expand it.
    6. Check the box next to the desired field or fields you would like added to your report.
      • Once a field has been selected, it will be highlighted. 
      • You can select more than one field in more than one category at the same time.
      • If you check the box to the left of the category name, all data fields in that category will be automatically selected.
      • Uncheck the box to deselect everything in that category.
    7. To add selected Data Fields click on the highlighted Data Field name and drag it to the workspace area to the right.
      • You can rearrange the order of Data Fields by clicking and dragging the blocks in the workspace.


If the drag and drop feature is not responding, check your browser. Google Chrome has known issues with this, try using FireFox or Safari.


Editing Data Fields

Once Data Fields are added to a report, they can be edited to fulfill specific display or function needs. It should be noted that this is considered an advanced process, and it is not unusual to trigger errors when editing data fields. As a precautionary measure, we recommend saving your progress often.

    1. To edit a Data Field, first click the Edit link to the right of the desired Data Field. 
    2. In the resulting Field Editor, you can change the column header or adjust the function of the field itself using the Construction Workspace.

Changing the Column Name

    1. To edit or adjust the column header, use the Column Name field.
    2. Click the Complete button at the bottom of the Field Editor to save your changes.

Changing Data Field Function

    1. In the Field Editor, change the function of the selected Data Field by dragging new Data Fields, Set Values, or Functions to the Construction Workspace in the middle of the Field Editor window.
    2. Remove items from the Construction Workspace by right clicking on them and selecting Remove from the dropdown menu.

Adding Data Fields

    1. To display additional information in this Data Field, drag a new data field from the Data Fields section.
    2. Expand the Data Field Category by clicking the arrow to the left of the category.
    3. Click on the desired Data Field and drag it on top of the the Drag Items Here text in the Construction Workspace.
  • The new data field will display below the original Data Field with a '+' symbol connecting them. 
  • You can repeat this process to add multiple data fields into the original Data Field, displaying all information in a single column in your report. 
  • You can rearrange the order of display by dragging and dropping fields and symbols but each Data Field must be connected to another by a symbol.



UltraCamp will display all data fields adjacent to one another. To increase legibility, it's a good idea to combine multiple data fields with a the Set Value of a comma or space in between.


Adding Functions and Aggregates

Functions change the behavior of the Data Field.

    1. Drag the function from the Functions or Aggregates section (on the right in the Field Editor) onto the Drag Items Here text at the top of the Construction Workspace.
    2. Most Functions and Aggregates have a Parameter which will appear when the item is added to the Construction Workspace. You will need to define these Parameters by dragging a Data Field or Set Value on top of them.
    3. When finished, click the Complete button to save changes.



Call our toll free Support line for help with editing Data Fields.This is one the most technical and complex aspects of our system, and even our support team members often confer directly with the programmers on building custom reports that require edited or custom Data Fields.

You can reach our team members at 888-791-2080 and dial 3 for technical support. We are happy to help.


Adding Set Values

Sometimes a function or field requires a set value. To add this value to your customized Data Field:

    1. Enter the value in the Set Value field and click the Add button. This will add the value along with a '+' to the Construction Workspace. 
    2. Click an item in the Construction Workspace to add the value to that item.
    3. Once added, the Set Value can be dragged and dropped in the desired position.
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