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With Custom Online Forms, you can gather data about individuals or accounts, even from a third party. The My Forms wizard lets you quickly drop in text, questions and more. Our basic and custom reporting tools can pull the data you collect or even generate PDFs of individual forms.




If the box is unchecked for client visibility can they still see just not alter after completed (within forms in their account)

If the parents or clients can see the form they are able to edit the form. The only way to prevent edits is to uncheck both boxes in the visibility section.

If we selected “never expires” in the expiration settings, is there a way to require attendees to look at that version and verify that it is still accurate or make modifications as needed?
The form expirations do not control whether or not a form is displayed in the reservaiton process. If the form is in the registration process, it will display based on the forms settings (display only once per season). The exiprations are useful to help know if a form has been updated or completed in the timeframe indicated.
If the form is needed to fill out every 3 years, would we select the After X Days and jstu put that many days?
The expiration does not control when a form is displayed in the registraiton process. It is for reporting purposes. With X days, you can report on whether or not a form has been completed in the last X days. If the form is in the registration process parents will see the form and be able to update information.


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