Travel/Camper Protection


Learn the benefits of using Travel/Camper protection with UltraCamp's consultant, Don Anderson. Travel/Camper protection is a voluntary service UltraCamp offers to overnight resident camps and programs to help protect organizations, and individuals from loss.




00:05 Introduction

04:23 Building Insurance into the Registration Process

06:48 Travel Protection Plan 

08:55 Medical Evacuation

10:13 Cancel for Any Reason

13:26 Travel Protection and Covid

14:48 How do Claims Work?

16:46 Camps Refund Policies

19:08 Travel Insured

21:08 Cancel for Any Reason vs Standard Plan

27:06 Cancelation Examples

32:59 Medical Coverage

35:54 Mental Health

39:54 Enrollment Documentation

43:34 How To Activate Travel Protection in UltraCamp

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