Background Checks

UltraCamp offers integrated background checks through True-Hire. Background checks can be submitted on National or National and Regional levels. Submitted background checks will incur additional fees based on your region and the type of check run Background checks are an option available under extra services. 


How Background Checks Work

TrueHire offers three variations of the background check, the Basic background check, the Standard background check, and the Standard Background Check Plus. In addition, a Motor Vehicle check can be added to either of these.

All background checks begin with the individual's, name, Social Security number, and birth date and runs a trace to confirm their identity and find any aliases or other names the individual may use or have used.


  • *The cost for a Basic search is $11.99. If this turns up a local flag, additional costs can apply for the resulting county search.
  • **The cost for a Standard search is $21.99 plus the county fees for the county of current residence. If this turns up additional local flags, additional county costs can apply for the resulting local search.
  • ***The cost for a Standard Plus search is $24.99 plus the county fees for the county of current residence and up to two additional counties of previous residence. If this turns up additional local flags, additional county costs can apply for the resulting local search.
  • ****Certain states apply court fees and may apply a separate motor vehicle fee. View County Court Fees and Motor Vehicle Record Fees.


The Basic Background Check is recommended for staff and volunteers who will not be left alone with campers. For individuals who will be responsible for children and alone with them, the Standard Background Check provides better information and protection.

When running a background check, a pop-up window will warn you if additional fees apply.


Add Ons

In addition to the background check, you may elect to run a Motor Vehicle check. This searches for DUI and vehicle offenses listed for the current driver's license.

The cost of Motor Vehicle check is $7.75 plus the DMV/Court fee. These fees vary widely from state to state.


Agreeing to a Background Check (Public Side)

  • On the Background Check Information page, clients will be required to enter their legal identification information, including their full Legal Name, Gender, Social Security number, Date of Birth and Driver's License information.


Clients submitting background checks should use their legal name, avoiding nicknames, and verify all information before submitting. Searches that result in errors are still charged the search fee.



  • Finally, a client will be required to accept the background check policy before proceeding using the Next button. The background check policy can be read using the provided link. The text is also included below:


Background Check Policy

Information about you may be obtained from a consumer reporting agency for employment / volunteer purposes. Thus, you may be the subject of a “consumer report” and/or an “investigative consumer report” which may include, but is not limited to: employment and education verifications; social security number verification; criminal and civil court records; personal interviews; driving records; and/or any other public records or any other information bearing on your character, general reputation, personal characteristics and trustworthiness. These reports may be obtained at any time after receipt of your authorization and, if you are selected, throughout your affiliation with the Company. You have the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time after receipt of this notice, to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report. The report will be generated by True-Hire (11726 Cleveland Avenue Uniontown, Ohio 44685 / (800) 262-7301) or another outside organization. The scope of this notice and authorization is all-encompassing, however, allowing the Company to obtain from any outside organization all manner of consumer reports and investigative consumer reports now and, if you are selected, throughout your affiliation to the extent permitted by law. Submitting this form indicates acceptance of this policy.



A background check may not return information if this is the first time someone has been employed or they are a minor.


Submit and view background checks

To review or submit background checks:

  1. Click on Extra Services
  2. Expand Background Checks
  3. Select Submit and View Background Checks


Report Parameters

  • You can search for background checks by Background Check Id, date Submitted or Created, specific individual Name, submission Status, or by Who Is Also In a designated stored group.
  • Click the Search button to proceed.


Viewing Results and Reports

Each returned entry matching your search parameters will be returned with background check id, Person ID, Name, submission Status and Submission Date.



  • Report parameters can be changed at any time to narrow down results. To view reports by a particular date range or status use the Report Parameters to adjust search options.

  • View: To review the completed Background Check results, click on the View link to the right of the report.

  • Create New: To generate a new report from previously entered data, click on the Create New link and verify the information before submitting. This is helpful when you need to run a report for returning staff whose information remains the same. Old reports are not erased and are still visible.

  • Status: Results showing as Pending, Error or Complete can not be changed or resubmitted, a new report must be generated. If the status shows as Not Submitted, a checkbox is visible to the left and the data may be edited before submission.




If the status shows an error, you can select the report that was already submitted, this generates a new blank form to fill out and submit again.


Submit and View New Background Checks

To submit one or more individuals for background checks:

    1. Check the box to the left of their name. This will open the Submit menu. 
    2. You can choose either to submit the selected requests for a National Background Check or for both a National and Regional Background Search.
      • Regardless of which option you select, you may also add a Motor Vehicle Search by checking the appropriate box below.
    3. Click the Submit Requests button to connect with True-Hire.
    4. At this point, a cost check will be run, and you will be asked to review and confirm the submission of the background check and accept the associated fees. 
    5. Click the Submit button to confirm. Alternatively, you may cancel at this point using the appropriate button and no fees will be assessed nor will the background check be run. Click the Cancel button to go back to the report.


Note: The typical turnaround time for background check results is 2 days. However, state-specific regulations may extend the time frame. Check with your state.



Once the Background Check Report has been received from True-Hire, an email is generated to your staff and another email is sent to the client.

  • The email to the client has a link which will give her/him access to the report to review it. 
  • In the report, there is also a Dispute button, which is visible only to the client. Clicking this button will prompt the client to enter a reason for disputing the Background Check Report, which will then be submitted to True-Hire for research and review. Their response will also be logged in the system as well as forwarded to you and the client via email.



The email sent to the applicant contains the following text:

"This email has been sent to you because you have applied for a position at [Your Camp's Name] which required that a background check be run for you. The report has been run and is now ready for you to view by clicking here."


Disputing a Background Check

  • When a background check is run for an individual, that person may view the returned information. 
  • If that individual wishes to dispute any of the returned information, they may do so by contacting TrueHire at 1-800-262-7301. This information is communicated on the information review page.


FAQ: Background Checks

Background checks are available UltraCamp through True Hire. Some personal information is needed to run a background check. 


Why Is A Social Security Number Needed?

One of the greatest misconceptions about background checks is most people think that criminal records are attached to an individual’s social security number. In fact, criminal records are stored on one’s name and date of birth. If you were to search a criminal record database with no tother identifier besides a name, you would see criminal records for everyone with that name.

True Hire conducts a social security number trace on every applicant to ensure that we are background screening the exact person you are looking for. This SSN Trace provides us with a closer look into your applicants address history and shows any former names they may have had. Using this information, True Hire will accurately match any criminal records found on both the national and county level with your applicant.


How The Applicant's Information Protected?

True Hire’s background check system is fully secure and robust. We take all security measures when dealing with personal identifying information (PII). We understand that your applicant’s information and data is important, and we take the responsibility seriously. Additionally, our database is secured with a standard SSL certificate. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standard technology securing internet connection and protecting any sensitive data that is being sent between systems.

True Hire has a full in-house team of certified investigators that have both the knowledge and experience to conduct complaint background checks. You can rest easy that your applicants’ information is bot secure and protected.


Is True Hire Accredited?

True Hire was recently awarded accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association Accreditation (PBSA). This means that we go above and beyond to provide our clients with accurate background checks and excellent customer service while following strict compliance and data security protocols.


How Does UltraCamp Handle Sensitive information?

UltraCamp is a secure website and requires a password or account to access. We also do not store your information like Social Security Number where anyone, not even you, can see it. In fact, once you enter the data and hit submit, the data immediately becomes encrypted on our server where no one can access it. Even if you, the user, reloads the page where you entered it previously, it does not show and can not be read.

Since the background check process is integrated directly in to UltraCamp, there is never a time where you have to leave your information in an email or enter it into a third-party site.


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