Custom Health Forms

Printing Multiple Custom Health Forms

If your organization is using a custom online form to collect health information, you can print multiple forms at once. This text guide reviews how to do this quickly and easily with the use of a stored group.


Step 1: Create a Stored Group

  • Most reports can generate a stored group. 
  • Choose a report that gives you list of the individuals for whom you wish to print medical forms. 
  • When you run the report, use the upload icon to save this information as a stored group.
  • If you use a custom report, look for a Store this information link instead of the icon.


Step 2: Retrieving Your Forms

Once you've created a Stored Group with individuals for whom you wish to print the forms,

    1. Go to the Reports menu.
    2. Expand the Forms section.
    3. Click Online Forms.


Report Parameters

  • Select Form dropdown: In the Select Form dropdown menu, choose your Health History Form. This will bring up an additional set of filters.
  • Who is also in: From the dropdown menu, choose your stored group.
  • Click the Search button.



  • A list of all medical forms that match the individuals in your stored group will be displayed. 
  • By default, all boxes should be selected. 
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the Print Selected button. 
  • This will queue the process of generating your pdf and redirect you to the My Jobs page.


My Jobs

  • When you print selected, the Health Form will be submitted to the My Jobs processor. 
  • You will see the job queued up and then begin to process. 
  • When it is complete, the icon will display.
  • You can then access the pdf by clicking the icon next to the job. This will open the PDF in a new tab where you can download and / or print.

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