Working in Test Mode

Initial training and setup in UltraCamp starts with your database in test mode. This allows you to set up, test and get comfortable with the features of your account before going live. Any reservations made while in test mode will not incur any reservation fees. 

A banner at the top of the database will indicate that your organization is in test mode. This is removed once the database goes live



Payments in Test Mode

  • Any reservations made from the public side do not incur UltraCamp fees.
  • Credit card payments made at the time of checkout will not go through.


Scheduled payments made with credit card or ACH (such as payment plans), and payments made outside the checkout process WILL go through and processing charges will apply.

When in test mode, we recommend that you use the Check/Cash payment options or saving without payment. This allows you to test the reservation process and confirmation email without incurring actual charges.


Exiting Test Mode

When your organization is ready to exit test mode and go live, please call or submit a support ticket. Our support staff will be happy to help you. Our offices are open for normal support between 9 am and 5 pm EST. Our toll free number is: (888) 791-2080.

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