How to Set Up a Stripe Terminal for the Point of Sale

Setting up a card reader terminal allows you to easily accept credit and debit card payments from your customers. There are two areas that need to be addressed in order to complete your Stripe Terminal Setup:

    • Stripe 
    • UltraCamp's Point of Sale module

This article will walk you through the steps to enable your terminal readers in Stripe and connect them to your Point of Sale (POS) system in UltraCamp.



In order to begin setup for a Stripe Terminal you must have a Stripe-connected account that has been completed through UltraCamp. You must also have the Point of Sale activated and configured with UltraCamp.


Stripe  Actions

There are two actions you need to take within Stripe:

    • Step 1: Enable Terminals in the Stripe Dashboard
    • Step 2: Order Terminal Readers


Step 1: Enable Terminals

  1. Navigate to the Stripe dashboard at
  2. Select More from the side menu and then select Terminal Readers



If you're using this menu for the first time, a Get Started pop-up will appear. Clicking Get Started will enable terminals for the connected account.



Step 2: Ordering Terminal Readers

Once you have enabled the Terminal Readers feature in your Stripe account settings, you can order the physical terminal readers through Stripe. The supported card reader model is the BBPOS Wise E.

BBPOS WiseE.png

The readers can be ordered by clicking on any of the Shop buttons under Hardware Orders.



You will need to wait for the delivery of your Terminal Readers before you can complete the Point of Sale Actions and finish setting up your terminals.


Point of Sale Actions

Once you have completed the Stripe actions and received your physical  BBPOS WIsePOS E terminal reader(s), you can complete the connection through the Point of Sale. When you are logged in as an administrator to the Point of Sale, you will need to complete the following steps:

    • Step 1: Configure at least one Location.
    • Step 2: Configure your Terminal.
    • Step 3: Configure your Register.
    • Step 4: Test your Terminal.

Each physical terminal requires its own Location and Register setup. If you have more than one Terminal, you will need to repeat these steps for each additional Terminal. These steps are detailed below. 


Step 1: Configure a Location

A Terminal is always connected to a location. You should have a location

Within the Point of Sale, take the following steps:

    1. Click Configuration.
    2. Click Location Config.
    3. Click Edit next to an existing location or Create New Location.
    4. Enter the required information.
    5. Check the box for Enabled (Stripe Terminal Location).
    6. Click Save.

location config.png


Step 2: Configure Your Terminal

For this setup, you will need the physical BBPOS WisePOS E terminal. You will need to create a terminal and pair it with your reader.

Within the Point of Sale, take the following steps:

    1. Click Configuration.
    2. Click Terminal Config.
    3. Click Add New Terminal.
    4. Enter a Name for your Terminal
    5. Turn on your BPOS WisePOS E to get the registration code.
    6. Enter the Registration Code in the terminal settings.
    7. Select the appropriate Location from the dropdown. 
    8. Click Save.
    9. Click Edit next to the newly created Terminal.
    10. Click Pair.



If your BBPOS WisePOS E reader doesn't automatically show a registration code, you can get a new code. Swipe left from the bottom corner of the reader and click on settings. Then enter the code 07139 when asked.





Step 3: Configure Your Register

You must now connect the Terminal to a Register in UltraCamp. To do so, take the following steps in the Point of Sale:

    1. Click Configuration.
    2. Click Register Config.
    3. Click Add New Register.
    4. Enter a Name for the Register.
    5. Select the Location in Step 1 from the dropdown menu.
    6. Select the Terminal from Step 2 from the dropdown menu.
    7. Click Save.




To be certain that your configuration is correct, it is important to test your card reader and terminal within UltraCamp.

To test the card reader terminal, take the following steps in the Point of Sale system:

    1. On the main Register page, use the location dropdown menu in the top right to select the location you just set up for this register.
    2. Add one or more items to your shopping cart (by clicking the item button to the right).
    3. Click the Standard Checkout button.
    4. Select Credit Card as the payment option.
    5. Click Send To Terminal and confirm.

You should now be able to check your Stripe Dashboard to make sure the transaction has successfully transmitted. If the payment was successful, you are all ready to go!


Add Additional Terminals

If you need to add more terminals, just repeat the location, terminal, and register setup steps. Each terminal requires a location and register configuration.


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