Agreements Are Going Away

Agreements are an old tool that is being phased out for the benefit of everyone who uses UltraCamp.

When UltraCamp was first created back around 2000, expectations of security along with our understanding of legal accountability were different than they are today. At that time, a page with a button that made a registrant click an "I agree" button was thought to be adequate to ensure compliance with things like refund policies and behavior requirements. It was (and is) simple to set up and enable. However, there was no way to certify that someone clicked that button or even saw the page. These limitations still exist today.

Because there are no tracking features built into Agreements, we now recommend that you use Custom Online Forms for anything a client must agree to. We will be removing the old Agreements function entirely from UltraCamp's feature list in the near future.


How to Switch to an Online Form

If you have an existing Agreement that you'd like to change into a Custom Online Form, there are several steps you'll need to take:

    • Copy the important text from your Agreement.
    • Create a new Custom Online Form with that text.
    • Add the new Form to your registration process.

Copying Agreement Text

To copy Agreement Text, you can try the following:

    1. In the Settings menu, expand the Communication section.
    2. Click Agreements.
    3. Click the Edit icon to the right of the Agreement you wish to copy.
    4. Use your mouse to select the desired text from the Agreement Text.
    5. Either use your keyboard shortcut to copy the text or right click to select Copy.
    6. [Optional] Paste the text into a text editor for safe-keeping.

Create a Custom Online Form

Creating a custom online form is a bit more complicated than creating an agreement, but the Custom Online Form wizard will guide you through the process. Take the following steps to create an online form:

    1. In the Settings menu, expand the System / Management section.
    2. Click My Forms.
    3. Click Create a new form.
    4. In the wizard, give your form a Form Name.
    5. Choose the form type from the Individual or Account dropdown menu.
      • Choose Account if this agreement holds true for everyone on the account.
      • Choose Individual if this agreement pertains to a specific person on the account (usually an attendee)
    6. Click the Complete button.
    7. Select Require clients to attest that the form is complete.
    8. In the Signature Collection dropdown, select "Collect Electronic Signature."
    9. Click the Complete button.
    10. Skip the Notifications page.
    11. On the Layout page, click "Add Text."
    12. Paste your copied text into the Text field.
    13. Set the Display Style to "Directions."
    14. Click the Save button.
    15. Click the Complete Button.

You can exit the wizard now that your Custom Online Form is complete. If you'd like to know more about the other settings you can use for your form, check out our Online Form Help Guide here.

Add a Form to the Registration Process

Depending on your session setup, there are two ways to add an online form to the registration process.

In either case, you will need to drag your from out of "Online Forms" section and drop it in the "Registration Process" section.

You can learn more about how to add your new form to the registration process in our article "Setting Your Registration Page Order."


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  • Thank you for alerting us to this change--and for the step-by-step instructions to change our agreements.  Appreciated!  Debbi


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